The ordered products will be shipped as soon as possible after complete payment. 

Full payment means that all costs – the sum of the goods, the dispatch, possibly additional fees for the selected payment method – must be credited. The standard delivery within Germany is generally within 1-3 business days with Deutsche Post. Shipping abroad usually takes around 5-10 business days. The availability in the online shop is as up-to-date as it is possible. If an item is not available, PINK + GREY DESIGN will contact you as soon as possible and inform you when the delivery is expected. You can then decide whether you want to have the item delivered or not.


a) Germany:

– Shipping costs are calculated based on order value:

1.90€ on an order value up to 7.50€,

2.90€ on an order value up to 15.00€,

3.50€ on an order value up to 25.00€,

5.00€ on an order value up to 50.00€.

– Shipping is free on orders over 50.00€ order value* in Germany!
*after returns. If you return items of your order and the value of the products you keep is lower than 50,00 €, we will charge the shipping fee and clear it with the refund.

b) United Kingdom:

– Shipping costs are calculated based on order value:

2.00€ on an order value up to 7.50€,

3.00€ on an order value up to 20.00€,

4.50€ on an order value up to 50.00€,

7.00€ on an order value over 50.00€.

c) Worldwide (except for Germany and UK):

– Shipping costs are calculated based on order value:

4.50€ on an order value up to 20.00€,

8.00€ on an order value up to 20.00€.

If your country collects duties for importing products you will have to cover this. PINK + GREY DESIGN will clearly not cover any import fees, import sales taxes or duties. The local customs office can provide information whether you will need to pay something for your order or not.